Sunday, 4 May 2014


Just completed this illustration of the ever beautiful Alexa Chung. It's a pencil sketch (I used 4B, B and H pencils) with a teeny bit of digital colour. Enjoy!

Saturday, 3 May 2014

New York Photos

Finally got round to posting all of my New York photos! It was such an amazing trip, I'm desperate to go back there as soon as possible!
Moi and a street
Somewhere near Times Square
Top of the Rock with Bon
Top of the Rock
Johnathan, Matt, Moi, Bon, Joe and Gem
I'm not going to lie I have no idea where this is, but it looks so awesome
Old metro-line walk
Top of the Rock
A Street (number unknown)
An Avenue (number unknown. You can understand why I dropped geography in year 9)
Johnathan, Moi, Joe, Gem, Bon and Matt
Empire State from Top of the Rock
Central Park from Top of the Rock
Moi and Bon
Misty buildings (again, apologies for my lack of geographical knowledge)
Me, Gem and Bon in a taxi
Old Metro-line walk

I'm also just about to enter exam season, so I doubt I will have much of a chance to post for a while, but I will try! Perhaps I'll muster up a revision based post as I've had a few requests recently. I'm rushed off my feet busy at the mo as I've not only got exams, but I've also just been elected Head Girl at my school (yay!), so there's a lot of organising for various events around school that are beginning to gradually crop up!

Also, thank you for everyone's responses to my uni post, I'll defo be messaging some of you with keen bean questions when I get the chance!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

New York Video

Hi everyone! I made a video about my trip to New York! I'll let the video do most of the work, so, here it is..! (I couldn't get it to embed in the post- I'm working on that as we speak!)

Photos to follow!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Unis Are Coming

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of going up to Oxford and staying in Hertford College overnight as part of the Oxford Pathways programme. I did a taster day in English (which I am hoping to read at uni, starting September 2015ish), and met some wonderful people who share my passion for the subject.

The city (although it feels more like a town I must admit) is stunning beyond words, although I'm not sure if it will make it into my final five choices just yet. The whole trip had really got me G-ed up for going to university, and I'm literally buzzing to visit all the other open days after my AS's are finished with.

Excluding Oxford, I've whittled my viewing options down to 7 or 8 (it was originally 15), and to avoid some nasty petrol costs and train fairs, I think that will have to reduce even further!

At the moment the university which is really exciting me is Bristol. Its creative societies, cultural spirit and student radio (which I'm desperate to get involved with) really appeal to me, and I only discovered that they did English at a UCAS convention on Monday! Lord knows how I missed it off my list before, my brain must have been in a far off land.

Others I'm considering are Exeter, Durham, Warwick, York, Cambridge, Edinburgh and Lancaster, so it really does look as if I'm going to be having a crazy little summer of road trips!

If anybody does English (lit) at any of the unis I've mentioned, or other unis, please do comment and let me know what it's like and what made you choose it. I'd really value information from the horses mouth as such- there's so many to choose from that I don't know where to begin!
p.s. My friend is running a jewellery party for charity, if you live in the Surrey area and want to come along, check it out here!